Top 10 toys for endless fun

As the festival season arrives parents are always in a dilemma to choose the best toys for children, they want the best, endless fun, are the criteria which runs on the mind of parents while choosing toys for kids. The tried tested methods are now a day’s not working as kids are exposed to lot of technology they are well aware of the newest toys in the market, they want it, any amount of convincing does not work as to may not be suitable for their age.

Picking the best out of a million toys is really a task for parents, an insight of the top 10 days which are in huge dem:

  • For the kids with a flair for music, the guitar set is all time favorite, keeping them immersed in finding new tunes, jam in.
  • Bright Smart watches in vibrant colors are very popular now among older kids, is a good option with lot of features which are similar to a real smart watch keeping them engaged for some time.
  • Pogo jumper for the active kids is definite must have for kids who can jump around outdoors, keeping them fit healthy.
  • Coloring books, thanks to the one who discovered them, is the , fast easy way to keep the kids entertained at home quiet too! All age groups love coloring theme based coloring books, like Barbie, harry potter among other popular kid characters.
  • Personalized Do it yourself crafts, with an array of simple easy crafts which keeps the child to let their imagination go wild.
  • Cubes which can be played all by one or with groups, they have many different types of cubes, like one with stories characters on them, which can be rolled over set of images have to be made, with infinite combination, really worth spending time playing them.