Pests in Control


There are many different kinds of pests around Glasgow. Many which invade our home create anuisance. Ants are one of such annoying creatures. There are a variety of ants. Some harmful some can be indoors or outdoors ants. The most common of them are Garden or the Black Ant. Some other ants are Pavement ant, ghost ant, Roger ant etc. There are thus thouss of ant species.

Ant Clues

Usually, we see an ant or two around every home. The ants too house hunt. But spotting ants could also be a clue to ant infestation. These ants are usually attracted by sweets. They are known to be experts leaving behind traits for other ants to find their way to food. Many a time we can see a trail of ants moving from one corner to another. A closer look will reveal a gap in the flooring or cupboard which has become their home.

House design

Each variant of ant has its own style of making houses. Some are a hard mud patch in the corner with holes as entry-exit points. It may also look like a small pile of dirt which can be easily spotted on the ground. Some are difficult to spot as they may be hidden dark corners.

Dealing with ants.

There are many well-known companies dealing with Pest Control services. There are many to control ants in Glasgow. Gardens are the most infested with ants. The Experts are equipped to deal with all types of infestation. There are liquid dry chemicals which are very effective in getting rid in getting rid of them. The companies treating your home is very safe for families especially children pets. Controlling the ants are utmost essential as they can multiply very fast cause a lot of damage.

The experts are just a call away. They work after a thorough study of the house the surrounding. The treatment can be a one-time application of chemicals or it can be done in batches. So once an ant is spotted keep an eye for any infestation