My Experience With Getting Burgled

I set out with my family on a long-awaited vacation. I wanted to be sure about thesafety of my house belongings, so I told my neighbors to keep a close watch. Weset off to enjoy our family vacation returned after a fortnight only to see that our house was burgled. It was a shocking scene as we unlocked the house. Things were scattered, cupboards left opened, lockers broken open so on. To my dismay, all this happened despite requestingneighbors to keep a watch. No one had heard anything, or seen anything but so many of our valuables were stolen.

As a reflex action, I lodged an FIR with the police. The first question they asked wasthe whereabouts of the surveillance systems in the house or in the apartment. That was the first time I realized the importance of having one installed at home as well as for the entire community too. In the retrospect, I realized that the information about us not being available has been told to at least half a dozen people. I even posted our intentions before, during while returning, on the social media. Little did I realize that all this information could be used by adversaries to their benefit. To top it all, we never had a surveillance system at home.

Had cameras been fitted, they would have recorded the burglary retained the information for police to analyze nab the culprits. So, a good surveillance system with adequate data storage capacity is the need of the hour. If you agree with me then you need a surveillance system. If you need a surveillance system go hereas they are professionals in this field   keep you in touch with your house even when you are miles away. They update their systems to make them hack resistant. You get to see each room of your house at any time of the day on your mobile. The systems are difficult to detect by burglars make your house so much safer at all times completely burglar -proof.