Maintaining A Chainsaw

Want to make that dream tree house for the kids? If you have the right space in your garden, all you need are the right tools in your garden shed, some trees to provide best quality wood you are good to go.

For cutting wood, you will need a good quality chainsaw. Investing in a quality product from a good br as opposed to a cheaper option is a good choice. A good quality product not only lasts long but also requires lesser maintenance.

For a tool to work well last long, it needs regular servicing maintenance. While using a chainsaw as well, you need not put it through expensive procedures, but take simple care to ensure its longevity.

Following are some of the uncomplicated measures that one must take:

  • Ensure your chainsaw is off before you start the maintenance.
  • Always check the tension of the saw before you begin to use it. You can adjust it accordingly if found too loose or otherwise.
  • Keep a regular check on the bar. Ensure the bar is clean dry at all times.
  • The air filter also needs to be checked regularly. It must be cleaned also replaced if necessary.
  • Even when no in regular use, always inspect the functioning of the throttle lockout, the chain brake, the chain catcher also the oiler.
  • If your chainsaw is gas powered, ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual for the correct proportions of mixing fuel. You could also use a pre-mixed fuel if needed.

Maintaining the saw

The saw obviously needs to be sharp in top condition for optimal use. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to keep the saw sharp. Some manufacturers recommend that the chain the depth gauges on the saw must be filed maintained by a professional. Otherwise, you could also make use of a filing kit do it yourself with proper instructions.