I Am Extremely Proud Of How My House Has Turned Out

Doing the house again after a decade:

It is only ten years I felt like my home resembles a war ravaged place already. I have seen homes that look new contemporary for well over a few decades at least I thought to myself that they must be doing something that I don’t know yet of. So, I set about doing some research on what I must do henceforth that lets my house not have a dated feel to it.

This is what I learnt:

The furniture design is best to be kept old world classic. This allows for the furniture to not only stay classy for as long as you want to be but also the wear tear on it is less noticed. Apart from this, the furnishings the drapery is something that you can widely experiment with. The idea to buy not so costly furnishings every time is something that appealed to me because these are the very things that you may want to change when you want to overhaul the décor of the house.

It’s a magical tip:

Even a few changes here there in the furnishings of the room Voila! You have a newly done room to yourself at the fraction of the cost of doing up the place entirely. You only need to play with the fabric, the print the color before you know it the house is magically transformed into something that is never seen before.

I am so happy with the result:

So, the other day a couple of friends that drop by often, came visiting they were all compliments when they saw the transformation. All I had done a few months ago since their last visit was changed the window screens threw in a couple of silk cushions on my sofas! You must check out these stunning upholstery fabrics i bought to cover my mantle piece; it surely brings that part of the wall alive gives a dramatic twist to the room!