Choose The Right Fabric For Your Upholstery

Each time you consider changing the upholstery for your furniture, it is often the color selection that comes first to your mind. However, yet another factor that is most important is the fabric. The right fabric can make your furniture feel look comfortable last long in good condition, while a poor fabric might ruin your furniture prematurely.

There are many tips to consider before choosing the right fabric for your furniture that you will find here. This site is where I got my high quality fabric selection from. Here are some simple tips to bear in mind:

How durable the fabric is: This depends upon various factors like the room which you choose upholstery for, how much is it used in your home, whether you have kids or pets in the house etc.

  • Woven fabrics tend to last longer than printed ones which fade off easily. You can opt for fabrics with a higher thread count that makes the fabric stronger as well as softer.
  • If your furniture is going to be used by your pet to sit on, you might want to choose leather or a micro fabric as they are easy to maintain also last longer.
  • If your furniture is going to be used roughly on a daily basis, you might want to opt for fabric durability over everything else.

The style of the fabric:

This is most often decided by an element of personal touch. As you decide how you wish to style your upholstery. Whether you like a bold style or if your style is more mellow subdued. You obviously will have to consider kids pet but the final choice is yours.

The fabric colors:

Choosing the colors is always important. If your room is smaller you might want to avoid dark bold colors. Also if there is going to be loads of sunshine in the room, the color of the furniture might fade off.

Yet another factor while choosing color is if your room has a tendency for mildew, then the patches will show on lighter colors.

With kids or pets in the house, having a lighter shade is usually not a good idea.