When you consider changing the furniture of your home or office, there always will be a dilemma whether to shop in conventional stores or try the online furniture shopping option. You will almost always get mixed reviews about which shopping option is better than the other.

While each form of shopping is great in its own way, they both also have their set of short comings. Let us consider some factors that play a vital role in deciding which a better shopping option, ordering online is or in store shopping:


When you consider variety online shopping wins hs down. As it is a virtual store it can have numerous options in each category. While a conventional store cannot possibly store as many design options in each category, the selection is narrowed down to just the few that are available in the store.

Final Appearance of product:

Online stores make use of clever camera angles lights to make each every product appear attractive. This sometimes can prove to be a disappointment as the product delivered may not be as you expected it to be. Here in-store shopping is better as you get to touch feel the product receive exactly what you like.

Materials used:

Suppose the online store claims the wood to be teak, but what quality of teak has been used in the furniture is unknown. In-store shopping allows you to touch feel the product confirm the quality of the product before you buy.

Offers discounts:

Since the business of online stores is bulk, they can afford to give some great offers discounts. This service may not be available in all conventional stores, as their business sis usually not as big.

Convenience of purchase

When planning to shop in-store you might have to take efforts to reach the store or move to several stores to compare the furniture you plan on buying. Online shopping can be easily done sitting in your comfort zone.

Return Policy:

Most online stores have easy return exchange policy. While this service may not be provided by all conventional furniture stores.

While each shopping option has their own share of pros cons, it is completely a personal choice, as both are viable options.