Best cat water fountain for your cats!

We hope you would have seen cats licking water from any falling sources like fountains, falls etc. it isn’t just for fun, but they love drinking water that way! Earlier when there was no domestication cats drank water in that way. They seem to love the rhythmic music of water falling from distance.

So if you have cats that refuse to drink water from the dish you give, why not opt for a fountain? A lovely and lively water source, definitely your pet will fall in love with.

Thinking which one to buy? We will give you the best brands in cat water fountain and tell you why!

Basically water fountains replenish the taste of water by recycling, and this fresh taste is liked by cats. We don’t assure that all cats will surely love, you must see their responses to these equipment’s and change the pattern and design incase your buddy doesn’t like them.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

This brand caters to the need of not just one but multiple cats. It has a top with a bubbler, leading to a whirlpool and then leading to the fountain. So a cat who needs stagnant water can drink from the pool while others can suck from the fountains. They come with carbon filters and a 70 ounce reservoir.

The drawbacks of this are:

  • The pump may fail at times.
  • Lack of proper customer support
  • Non adjusting water flows.

PetSafeDrink well 360 Pet water fountain

Though the design is pretty simple, yet attractive it has 5 different flow patterns to change according to the needs of the pet. With 128 ounces reservoir, you need not worry about leaving your cat without enough water.

With a circular pattern, this gives ample chance to all the cats take chance, without having to wait for its turn. It has 2 filtering stages and comes with in stainless steel too. this is definitely to fall for, for its sleek design and water capacity.

We hope one of these is sure to meet your requirements!