Ants are one of the tiniest creatures that can potentially cause immense grief to the entire household. Since they are social insects they live in colonies can be found almost anywhere in the house.

Ant control measures must be aimed at destroying the entire colony, as this is the only permanent way to manage the pests. When you make use of sprays or pest repellents, they manage to kill the ants present in that area only. These may be limited to the a few ants while the entire colony remains unharmed.

Ant control Glasgow has various measures of controlling ants after understing the behavioral pattern of the colony. They offer different pest control measure on basis like the following.

Ants are able to enter through the tiniest possible opening. They are usually in search of water or sweet based food, greasy or protein rich foods. As soon as they have found a potential place, they leave a trail of what is known as ‘pheromones’ that indicate to other ants to follow.

The first step is to underst the pest you have at home, whether they are termites or ants? Knowing the pest will get you through the first step of pest control. An ant will have bent antennae while a termite will have straight ones. Ants usually travel in trails. Follow that trail get to the nest of the ants where the colony probably resides. You can now spray your insecticide here or around the perimeter of that nest.

Most ants that live outside tend to enter the houses in search of food. And once they enter, they will form their nest in the source safest closes to food.

Some measures that you can take to avoid pests like ants are by following:

  • Fill up or seal as many cracks holes you can see around the walls, crevices between the gap between the door the wall etc.
  • Avoid keeping food particles open
  • Make use of detergents to clean the pheromone trail so the other ants cannot follow the trail.
  • Get a professional pest control if the simple measures do not work.